UNISIGN is a young and flexible organisation. With an open mind and dynamic attitude, we are experts in meeting market requirements. We specialize in the development, design and production of CNC-controlled milling and drilling machines for small and medium volume production of large components.
Since its incorporation in 1973, UNISIGN has become a worldwide operating company and a problem solver within the machining industry. We provide high quality and innovative machine tools, which are partially customised and partially standardised, to a worldwide customer base. Our primary strength is our problem solving capacity of customer specific enquiries for applications requiring medium to large sized machines for light to heavy duty machining of high precision products. We work with 150 highly skilled professionals in the field of mechanical engineering. Information www.unisign.com

Kusters Engineering

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering, trusted since 1911, has become the world’s leading manufacturer of custom-designed banknote disintegration systems, coin crushing systems, high security media destruction systems, process recycling technology and software applications.

The mission of Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering is to build customer relationships through understanding and exceeding the customer’s expectations of reliability, security, safety and environmental awareness. Total commitment to quality and service has enabled Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering to design, engineer, produce, install and service systems that have achieved pre-eminence in the world of currency and high security media destruction.

Original Equipment Manufacturer
Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering is actively involved in the research and development as well as the engineering and production of innovative systems that have been designed for the future for environmental, economic and security reasons. Every system is entirely engineered and produced at Kusters’ manufacturing facilities in Venlo, The Netherlands. On this foundation Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering supplies superior systems that are based on a proven technology.

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering has a client group consisting of over 70 Central Banks, Banknote Printing Works, Mints and Institutes. Worldwide more than 300 systems are installed in over 60 different countries.

Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering with its head office in Venlo, the Netherlands and its regional offices Kusters India, Kusters Africa, Kusters Russia and Kusters America are member of the ‘Syntech Group’.